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Image suggesting a full-time writer.

How I (Finally) Quit My Day Job to Be a Full-Time Writer

I began to take whatever steps I could think of to make myself ready to make the leap. For instance, I started saving intensely, making my own lunches, cutting back on driving to save on gas money, etc.

Early Drafts: Where You Find Your Story

Early drafts are where I figure out what the story is about. I write to discover what it is I’m trying to say. There are some scenes I write during the early drafts that might not end up in the final draft but which help me get to know my characters.

Perils of Writing

Ax to Grind

The perils of settling scores in your writing.

An illustrated brain with eyeglasses floats blissfully in a state of meditation

Eye on the prize

Save your precious time and attention for what really matters: Your writing.